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Dutch storytelling travelblog by ensanne

Who is ensannereist?

Sanne, Talitha and Dianne are three Dutch girls who blog on ensannereist. They are experts in content marketing and write, photograph, assemble videos and promote destinations as their hobby. They run this blog part time.


Type of blogger

On ensannereist we blog about traveltips and try before you die adventures. We are interested in city trips, museums and World War 2 heritage. We love  to tell stories about our own experiences. We shoot our own high resolution pictures and videos.


Travel journalist

Sanne Bakker is a certified travel journalist. She took courses from the famous Dutch traveljournalists Harri Theirlynck.

Themes ensannereist

ensannereist writes about different themes:

  1. City guides

We love to discover known and unknown cities.

  1. Art & culture

We’re interested in visiting museums, discover history and World War 2 heritage.

  1. Try before you die

We’re in for crazy acitivities, which you only do once (or twice) in your life.

  1. Discover Holland

Holland has so many things to discover, we are happy to show you around.


Cooperation with ensannereist

As content marketeers we know how to cooperate with bloggers. We always strive to a WIN-WIN situations and we are lookig forward to become an ambassador for your organisation.

How do we start a cooperation?

These are the companies that we already worked with:

Contact us

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